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Puff Blanket Bison

Puff Blanket Bison


Water Resistant Keeps moisture out, and you dry! Meant to come on your adventures, wherever that may be.
Ultra Insulation The puffiest, softest insulation with ultra compression for easy storage.
Corner Loops Tether your blanket on the beach or hang it to dry.
100% Recycled Made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled content. GRS Certified.

Artist Series

Bison Blanket

Our first artist series highlights Bison and what we could draw from their instinct…As thunderstorms cross the plains of Wyoming, a story of grit emerges. Cows on the plains see the storm, fear it and flee in the opposite direction. Eventually overtaken, exhausted and wet they succumb, defeated. Bison, conversely, see the same storm, and run head on into the storm. They maybe fear it, but they do not avoid it. Together they endure it and overcome it. This blanket is dedicated to those running into the storm, not away from it. Thanks for supporting their stories.

Artist Series


It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, it’s always a good time to cuddle.

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