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Our story

Our story

Our Story

Our story

Our Story

A family with a company.

In 2021 in a quaint garage at the edge of suburbs, Kurt and Bryce, a dynamic duo with decades of manufacturing wizardry, embarked on a quest to redefine outdoor gear. Armed with cutoff jeans and fueled by a desire for something more meaningful, they set out to craft outdoor gear that echoed their passion for both adventure and community.  They forged a pact to create gear that didn’t just withstand the elements but danced with them.

Their journey began with a rusty wagon, a masterpiece cobbled together from scrap materials found in forgotten corners of the dump.  With a twinkle in their eyes, Kurt and Bryce looked at their creation and realized they had something special—a wagon that rolled on wheels of recycled dreams.

That first prototype was launched and delivered on Kickstarter…earth+kin was born. As their families grew, so did their creations—blankets, bags and more.  But the products weren’t the end goal and their mission to engage in community started to take shape. In 2022 they founded the Earth+Kin Foundation, Ltd a registered 501(c)(3) focused on tangible action in the community. Small and scrappy, yet unwavering, their approach transformed earth+kin into more than a product; it became a movement of people taking actions big and small in their communities across the US.

From the beginnings in the garage, earth+kin has grown into a story of inspiration where adventure meets intentionality, and every product is a testament to the magic that happens when neighbors take a single step. They found this path substantially more complicated than simply selling products, but without a mission they opted not to exist. With backgrounds in design, engineering and mental health they decided:

Our products will help us get outside.

Our products must be designed for outdoor adventure. We didn’t set out to “reinvent hauling” but essentially that’s the journey we found ourselves on…finding better ways to get us outdoors with our friends. Hopefully yours, too.

Our products won’t be made with cheap plastics nor disposable products.

We never want to hear “Dad, can you fix this, again….”

Our products can be an engine….

As much as we love our products, their primary goal is to fuel our mission. We started the the e+k Foundation, Ltd. and contribute 2% of revenue to investing in Land+Family across the U.S. We aim to pass the next generation something genuine, and this revenue stream enables us to put our dreams into action. Our measuring stick is family and our playground is nature. Two things we’ll never cease fighting for….earth+kin.

2% land + family