Our story - Earth+Kin

Our story

Our story

More than gear

Our story

More than gear

A family with a company.

Earth+Kin is a family business born out of the garage. At some point in the chaos of parenthood we found ourselves looking at our kids, wondering what kind of example we were setting, what kind of world we were leaving them? With backgrounds in design, engineering and mental health we decided:

Our products should bring us together.

We spend enough time alone on our computers and on our phones. Our products are meant to be shared with company, preferably outside.

Our products won’t be made with cheap plastics nor disposable products.

We never want to hear “Dad, can you fix this, again….”

Our products can’t be the end goal….

As parents we seek to pass the next generation something genuine. Products may be what we know, family and community are what we strive for. Our products are the engine fueling our passion: Supporting families in their physical and mental health in our communities. It’s harder and infinitely more complicated than sending a check somewhere or planting a tree, but it wakes us up in the morning because we ourselves need it. We originally sought a non profit we could partner with in this effort. When we couldn’t find a partner that helped families the way we saw them needing it, we started our own, the e+k FoundationTM and committed to contributing 10% of our profit to this mission. Our measuring stick is family and our playground is nature. Two things we’ll never cease fighting for….earth+kin.

10% profit to the mental + physical health of families.

E+K Foundation

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