Our story - Earth+Kin

Our story

Our story

More than gear

Our story

More than gear

A family with a company.

Earth+Kin is a family business born out of the garage. At some point in the chaos of parenthood we found ourselves looking at our kids, wondering what kind of example we were setting, what kind of world we were leaving them? With backgrounds in design, engineering and mental health we decided:

Our products should help us get outside.

Whether hiking, biking, fishing or exploring we bring gear to support the adventure. We thought there must be a better way so we set out to “reinvent hauling”…

Our products won’t be made with cheap plastics nor disposable products.

We never want to hear “Dad, can you fix this, again….”

Our products can be an engine….

As parents we seek to pass the next generation something genuine. Something that provides them a foundation for generational health. Our products are the engine fueling that passion. We started the the e+k Foundation, Ltd. and contribute 2% of our profit from sales to supporting our mission: Investing in Land+Family. Our measuring stick is family and our playground is nature. Two things we’ll never cease fighting for….earth+kin.

2% profit to land + family

E+K Foundation

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