FAQs - Earth+Kin



How much weight can the MULE carry?


Can I take it on the interstate?

When securely mounted to one of our vehicle adapters, yes!

Is there a lifetime warranty?

Yes, with some limits! Link to the full warranty at the bottom of the page.

How does it attach to my bike?

The MULE connects to a bike’s rear axle via our custom steel attachment hub. This hub stays on the bike and the MULE attaches/detaches via quick release pin. It takes about 4 seconds to remove!


Can I put my blanket in the washing machine?

Yes. Wash in cold water and tumble dry low heat.

Does it come with a storage bag?

Yes, as shown in the gallery images!

Is it waterproof?

Puff Blankets are water resistant.

Do Puff Blankets have hand pockets?

No. Only our Tech Blankets have hand pockets.

Do Puff Blankets have a storage pouch?

No. Check out our Tech Blankets if you want a pocket!

Do Tech Blankets have a storage pouch and hand pockets??

Yes, Tech Blankets have both a zippered storage pouch and hand pockets!