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Certified B Corporation

Earth+Kin is on a mission to do good in our own back yards with our own communities by modeling stewardship to our own kids. We are a certified B Corporation donating 2% of our revenue to nonprofits supporting Land & Families in the U.S.

While researching the vast landscape of non profit organizations to donate towards, we found little that impacted communities the way we intended. We assumed someone out there was working for families in a way that was practical, resourceful and repeatable in a multitude of communities. But we couldn’t find any. Thus started the long journey of starting our own foundation, Earth+Kin Foundation, Ltd. We are a small (but growing) messy crew, but we lead with action and an open mind.

Short Term

The Earth+Kin Foundation, Ltd. models community + stewardship for the next generation through action. We do this by facilitating practical outdoor events for all ages: trash cleanups, bike packing tours, trail maintenance, neighborly check ins. Community service is not a punishment or graduation prerequisite. Community + service + food/drink is a winning recipe as old as time itself. We don’t get it right every time, and we might be a messy crew, but we lead with action and an open mind. Join us in teaching the next generation the importance of these values by working side by side with them! If you want help facilitating a cleanup in your area just reach out and we’d love to help you!

Long Term

We aim to connect every public school 7th grader to an outdoor overnight experience. We are doing this by writing and implanting a repeatable curriculum schools can choose to have their students participate in. We don’t expect the next generation to be good stewards of the land unless they’ve experienced it first hand. Our curriculum fosters the whole child, connecting what they’ve learned in the classroom to the outdoor world while growing into a leader through independent/team building skills.

Do Together

We’re on a mission to take action in our own communities.  The first step is the hardest one, so we do it together.

Current Cleanups

Sloan’s Lake

C’mon DENVER! One of your most beloved and visited lakes. Gloves, friends, free beer!! Wait, wuh!?


view https://www.pledge.to/sloan-s-lake-cleanup


Tales of a Mountain Mamma

Our first bikepacking trip with EKF

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Behind the scenes: Meet Devan!

More than a kind voice and gentle demeanor helping customers, Devan is an outdoor wilderness badass paving new paths at e+k!

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Please join us for one of our cleanups — or start your own! We’d be honored to help facilitate a cleanup in your community – no matter the size. We will provide you with practical information, structure, and all the basics you need to make it work.

Our trips have concluded for the 2023 season and we our team is preparing next year’s custom adventures. Check back in the new year!

2023 Trips

CO Bikepacking

Ages 8 and up. 2 day bikepacking trip through the Rocky mountains

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NH Mt Cardigan

Ages 6 and up. Holt Trail! Experienced hikers only. 4 miles out and back

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MA Spelunking

Ages 4 and up

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