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Walk it. 16″ All Terrain tires handle sandy beaches and muddy trails with no problem.
Drive it. Fits 2″ and 1.25″ standard trailer hitches. Check our our available accessories to fit yours
Bike it. Ready to ride bike and e-bikes
Store it. Quick release components store for easy storage

Meet the MULE

A new kind of wagon

The mule is way more than just a wagon. It’s an all terrain, all day, chariot for your stuff. We engineered the perfect pack animal for your every day adventures. From beaches to trails to freeways, the Mule can get you and your stuff where you need to go.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum and hardened steel

    This is seriously strong stuff. You can fly an airplane into it.

  • Made with 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics

    Reduce, reuse, that’s it. 100% of every mule basket used to be something else.

  • Limited lifetime warranty

    All terrain, all day, forever. The mule is built to last. If you can break it we’ll give you a new one.

  • No single-use plastic

    It’s bad for the planet, it feels chincy, and we don’t like it. So we specifically designed the mule package with 0 plastic.

How-to Videos


Step by step instructions assembling the e+kMULE out of the box



Find your all terrain

Pack it up Pack it in

120+ Liters of storage and can haul 100lbs by hand, bike or car.

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Bikers MULE
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