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User Testimonials

“First adventure….feed the mules. My number one reason for making the purchase was so I could just ride my bike to the haystack, load up and feed a horse and two mules without firing up a truck. Mission accomplished in NW Wyoming!”

– Martina K.
“I’m very impressed with ur cart….Stoops really likes it….By far the best cart I’ve had to date….Well done”
– Josh W.
“With a significant amount of hike a bike under our belts, we have made it through to Colorado!”
– @reanimateordie
“They love it! We are so impressed with the high quality components and durability. Can’t wait to use it for years to come!”
– @abbsroad
“Bumming around town with the @earthandkinproducts mule”
– @lostsierraflyguide
“With the 2 covers or no cover, I can do a lot of different things with it”
– @mattmccourtney
“….it allows me to get away from all the hunting pressure closer to the entrance of the national park. Going deeper next trip.”
– @1sickfish
“HOLY HECK. What a solid beast of a carrying system.”
– @reanimateordie

Partnerships + Reviews

Partnership Testimonial 1
– JackRabbit
Logo testimonial 2
– Adam Rosinsky (Head of Ops)
“We love it and carry this exclusively as our do it all cart.”
– Jason Medina (Owner/Pedego30A)
“….our best in class pick is earth+kin’s MULE!”
– Dylan Heyden (Writer/Surfer)