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Tales of a Mountain Mamma

Our first bikepacking trip with EKF

Our family’s inaugural bikepacking escapade with the Earth and Kin Foundation was an absolute blast from start to finish! With Devan leading the way, we embarked on a thrilling ride along the scenic Bear Creek Path, ultimately arriving at our campsite nestled within the state park. Despite the nearly 10-mile ride, the journey seemed a breeze thanks to Devan’s expert guidance.

The real heroes of the adventure were undoubtedly our kids, who embraced the unique experience of staying in a yurt, even amidst a gentle rainfall. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and after the ride to camp, they eagerly hit the single track for more biking fun after settling into their cozy bunks. The all-terrain Mule was a game-changer, effortlessly hauling our car camping essentials and a steaming thermos of soup that warmed our hearts and bellies.

Anxiety had crept in prior to the trip, worrying about potential hiccups—kids struggling on the ride or not wanting to pedal back home. To our delightful surprise, they conquered the challenges with gusto, showcasing an unexpected determination and leaving my worries far behind.

Of course, no adventure is complete without its share of comical mishaps. Persistent rain and a clash with backpacking cuisine tested our resolve. A minor oversight on my part meant we lacked enough supplementary meals, and my eldest sported my base layers due to an unforeseen growth spurt. Our youngest managed to soak not only her own but also the extra pair of outgrown clothes. Yet, these blips were mere anecdotes amidst the joyous laughter that echoed through the trip. As we pedaled back, waterlogged shoes included, the thrill of the journey eclipsed any minor discomfort.

“….we have made it through to Colorado!u0022
– @reanimateordie
“They love it! We are so impressed with the high quality components!”
– @abbsroad
“Bumming around with @earthandkinproducts mule”
– @lostsierraflyguide
u0022I love things that multifunction and this does it well.u0022
– @mattmccourtney
“….allows me to get deeper into the national park.”
– @1sickfish
“HOLY HECK. What a solid beast of a carrying system.”
– @reanimateordie
“First adventure….feed the mules in NW Wyoming!”
– Martina K.
“I’m very impressed with ur cart….Stoops agrees”
– Josh W.

One unforgettable moment occurred during our return, as our youngest triumphantly hailed an exhilarating downhill stretch as the “best downhill of her life,” following a triumphant climb. Alongside the biking excitement, the kids stumbled upon a lifeless snake, and their handlebar bags are now home to a peculiar pair of crab claws—a testament to their curious explorations.

Our hearts brim with gratitude towards Earth and Kin for granting us this extraordinary adventure. Through unexpected twists and turns, the journey underscored the resilience of familial bonds and the pure joy of shared escapades. With our trusty MULE trailer in tow, we’re ready and eager for the countless upcoming adventures that await.


Tales of a Mountain Mamma

Our first bikepacking trip with EKF

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Behind the scenes: Meet Devan!

More than a kind voice and gentle demeanor helping customers, Devan is an outdoor wilderness badass paving new paths at e+k!

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